Controlling Canine Hyperactivity

hyper-little-dogAll dogs, but especially puppies up to one or two years old, need good, focused exercise on a daily basis.  Walking at heel with controlled “sits” at intersections and whenever owner needs to stop are excellent.  Playing fetch is good if it has a controlled element–”bring it here and drop it”.  Always engage the mind as well as the body for complete workout.

Doing 10 minutes of obedience training once or twice a day will also work your dog’s mind and physically engage him/her to a certain extent.  Work in an open space, inside or outside and practice “sit”, “down” and “stay” and for added benefit, do short drills of “heel” with lots of turns and stops in your small space.

Besides burning off excess mental and physical energy, dogs need LOVE!  They crave our attention and affection.  Sometimes the quickest way to get your dog to settle down is to make them sit or lie down, then pet them, give them a tummy rub, hug them, etc. for a few minutes.  This will usually content them.  Make sure to pet them in a calming way, not all rough and silly–as this will have the opposite affect.

So, give your dog equal parts of discipline, exercise and affection and you’ll have a happy, well adjusted and calm dog on your hands.